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Bear Proof !  BearProofInc. is THE source for bearproof/animal proof trash and food containment systems.  

We offer a full line of products to accommodate almost any need. 

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 This is Bill at BearProofInc, reminding everyone living in Bear Country, bears are preparing for hibernation. The wild animals are looking for food anywhere they can find it to fulfill their ravenous appetites. In order for wild animals to remain healthy they must eat the natural food sources found in their environment.

BearProofInc believes that we humans can have a positive effect on the wildlife around us by assuring that we are doing the right things for wildlife. We can be of great benefit to our wild friends by not allowing our trash and food to become a food source for them.

This is the perfect time to gear up for the summer with one of our BearProof Containers.

Our line ofAnimal / Bear Proof containers are of the highest quality and designed to be safe for humans and animals alike, while keeping the wildlife out of your trash and food.

Remember! A Fed Bear is a DEAD bear! Please be responsible when living in "Bear Country"

If you live in "Bear Country" we have a product to fit your needs. 

Please use our "Free Info" page for a faster response when contacting us by e-mail. Be sure to include your city, state and zip code so we can provide the best informantion possible.

Enjoy your tour of our site. We look forward to serving you.

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