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  News from Bear Country
Fines Impossed for Feeding Bears
News from Colorado DOW
Olympic National Park announces new measures to protect black bears
Campground closes after man injured
Black bears on the move in New York state
Heat drives bears to town
New Jersey residents urged to "bear proof" their surroundings
Helpful Info for Living in Bear Country
CounterAssault !
The Bear Man
Bears In Ketchikan
Keeping Bears out of Neighborhoods
What to do: Black Bear Encounters
Living in Bear Country
Griztrax - Lots of info, great forum
Living with Wildlife Foundation 

Organization Pages
The Bear League - Lake Tahoe
American Bear
Grizzly Bear Discovery Center
National Parks Conservation Association
Wildlife Conservation Magazine
Wind River Bear Institute
Juneau Bears
Brown Bear Resources
North American Bear Society
Appalachian Bear Center
Bear With Us
Bears - Lots of Info
Black Bear Conservation Committee
Vital Ground

Community Development Plans May Effect Bears
Moffat County / City of Craig - Master Plan Project

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